The world is changing. Internet has changed how we communicate. Letters have been replaced by email, landlines have been replaced by mobile phones. People can organize themselves. We group together using meetups, projects are crowd funded.

The next wave will change how we view money and property.

In 2008 an invention was made public. It described how to register ownership without a central bookkeeper.
Reliably using cyptography. A world wide network of ownership anyone can connect to.

Any central bookkeeping organization could be replaced by this invention. Biccur builds services using this invention.
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Robert-Reinder Nederhoed, CEO


Mieke de Haas, CFO / Compliance


Board of advisors & investors

Ronald Prins

Menno van der Marel

Marko Dobroschelski

Koen Olthuis

pim volkers
Pim Volkers


Blockchain products

Biccur builds products on the blockchain. Our current products include Bitmymoney and Blandlord.

Biccur partners

Biccur partners with other companies to cover more and more of the Bitcoin-ecosystem. For mobile money our partner is Strape, for remittance it is Rebit and for affiliate marketing Daisycon.

Other services

Our other services include Blockchain forensics and masterclasses in Blockchain technologies and in Cryptocurrencies.


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